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Directors Message

IIM Rohtak – Aspirations to be a Management Institute par Excellence

Ancient Indian theological, spiritual, mythological literature has provided the basis for several modern concepts of management. Those management practices that are rooted in the ancient Indian tradition had made Indian economy one of the largest in the world despite humungous challenges of population, illiteracy and immediately

post-independence in 1947. The evidence of the success of those practices lies in the size and growth of India’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as the large enterprises. MSME sector plays a pivotal role in driving the growth engine of the Indian economy by demonstrating strength and robustness even when the rest of the world was struggling to grow. MSME sector has had a continued annual growth rate of over 10% for the past several years. Growing MSME have provided the NCR region with several thousand business units employing millions of citizens operating from the National Capital Region (NCR) region. Additionally, several hundred large enterprises employing several more million are headquartered in the national Capital region (NCR). With a GDP of $370 billion (PPP basis) NCR is now ranking 30th globally in terms of the size of the economy of a region and is expected to be 11th globally by 2030 according to Oxford Economics forecast.

I believe that primary drivers of NCR growth are a juxtaposition to policy-making, availability of superior and growing infrastructure, and excellent education and research institutions. Therefore, IIM Rohtak’s strategic location in the NCR can enable it to be a lever to further aid the development activity in this epicenter of business activities of the world. Consequently, I envision IIM Rohtak is to be number one management institution in entire north India and top five management institution in next five years.

I believe any business entity’s interest must coincide with the interest of government and society at large. Due to IIM Rohtak’s locational advantage, I hope to see more synchronization between government, local businesses, and management education. In other words, we hope to see not only more participation of our growing PGP program in working on special projects with businesses and government departments in the NCR but also introduction of new programmes to cater to the market in this region. Particularly, I hope that we can start offering executive education for the working professionals, government officials, and entrepreneurs in the NCR region soon. I hope to forge collaboration with other IIMs and several international business schools to kick start the executive education activity in this region. I hope to expand our Advisory Council to include more eminent scholars, business leaders, bureaucrats, and policy makers to help us develop, promote and offer several of these programs. Our engagements with industry and government will provide us opportunities to a) invite more organizations to IIM Rohtak for recruitment, b) engage in practice research in the form of case writing c) develop industry and government white papers and consult with government and corporate world to various shape policies of the nation d) Utilize data to engage in cutting edge empirical research for publication in top class journals e) Offer a bridge between theory and practice in the domain of business management.

Institute is hoping to recruit excellent students in the forthcoming batch taking into account diversity from all aspects of society. Similarly, I am hoping that IIM Rohtak will step-up its efforts to recruit top-class faculty taking into account diversity from all aspects of society. In the immediate term, I am hoping to bring foreign scholar for sabbaticals and short term assignment to IIMR through various teaching and research engagement programs. Additionally, I am hoping to bring visiting faculty from other IIMs to fill are immediate gaps. Finally, institute will actively collaborate with other IIMs for FPM programs to enrich our student’s learning experience.

Overall, I am committed to providing to our faculty, staff, students, and other members of IIM Rohtak community a thriving culture that not only results in increased productivity but also fosters camaraderie and institute spirit. I invoke the ancient traditions of India to guide us to treat our work as worship so that we strive not for “work life balance” but for “work life integration”. I believe that IIM Rohtak culture that stems from our ancient traditions will produce scholars, managers, professors, and policy-makers who will exhibit superior work-ethic, high commitment, impervious focus, extraordinary decisiveness, strong persistence and positive attitude.

Prof. Dheeraj P. Sharma
Director, IIM Rohtak 
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