First Year



First Year Courses
Term I
No.Course with AcronymsHoursNo.of SessionsCredits
1Financial Reporting & Analysis (FRA)25201
2Business Computing (BC)17.5140.75
3Managerial Economics (ME)25201
4Quantitative Methods I (QM I)25201
5Operations Management I (OM I)17.5140.75
6Marketing Management I (MM I)25201
7Human Behavior in Organizations (HBO)25201
8Written Analysis & Communication (WAC)17.5140.75
9Probability Analysis (PA)12.5100.5
10Business and Government Systems (BGS)17.5140.75
Term II
1Management Accounting (MANAC)25201
2Socio-cultural Environment of Business (SEB)12.5100.5
3Data Analytics (DA)17.5140.75
4Macroeconomics and Economic Policy (MEP)25201
5Marketing Management II (MM II)25201
6Quantitative Methods II (QM II)25201
7Organizational Design and Dynamics (ODD)25201
8Workshop in Communications Skills (WCS)12.5100.5
Term III
1Business Research Methods (BRM)17.5140.75
2Financial Management (FM)25201
3Operations Management (OM II)17.5140.75
4Management Informations Systems (MIS)25201
5Legal Aspects of Business (LAB)17.5140.75
6Business Ethics (BE)17.5140.75
7Strategic Management (SM)25201
8Human Resource Management (HRM)25201

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